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I cannot overstate this next sentence…OH MY GRACIOUS I LOVE OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!!  I wanted something a little different from the desert scenery us Arizonan’s are used to, so the snow seemed like the best backdrop!  And it did not disappoint!  We had an absolute blast at the beginning of this year taking our very own engagement pictures with my dear friend, kindred spirit & gifted photography Suzy.  She captured exactly what I had in mind & to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement.  I would love to write a blog post in the future about how important it is to have a photographer you love & get along with, & who you know will also be able to capture your vision, but for now I’ll just say this.  We were incredibly blessed to be able to work with someone who was not only a friend, someone who I already knew, loved & trusted; but also someone who I could trust to make us look great, make it a fun experience, & provide us with the most amazing images.  We’ve kept these babies under wraps for a while until we sent out our invites, but the time has finally come & I couldn’t be more excited to share them!

Hugs <3  Savanna

Impromptu snowball fight?!  Just..yes!

An ASU Polytech Campus Headshot Session // Savanna Lee Imagery // Mesa, AZ Engagement Photography

This guy was such a trooper in the 100+ degree weather, he still made it look good!  Bryce has such a cool look, I look forward to seeing how far you’ll go with hard work & perseverance!  Can’t you totally see him on an Abercrombie campaign?!

Huge s/o & thanks to my always trusted assistant, Karen.  But this shoot, we had Bryce’s good friend, Blake, come along.  He was so helpful & we put him right to work!  Thank you so much for running back to the car to get clothing, holding the reflector, dabbing sweat & being our comic relief, Blake!  It was quite hilarious watching him try to figure out how to fold up the reflector!

A DC Ranch Engagement Session // Savanna Lee Imagery // Scottsdale, AZ Engagement Photography

I can’t wait for this sweet couple’s wedding at the end of this month.  “Camera shy” is not a phrase in their vocabulary.  They truly were pros, from nailing posing to braving the heat & still looking good!  I absolutely can’t wait for their big day!

Part of how they met was swing dancing.  And let me tell you, Nolan & Jenny are no ammeters!  These two can actually knock your socks off, they’re so good!

We recently had our fun 4th of July lookbook shoot for BTY!  It was a warm 1 so we started when the sun was just waking up, but you never would know it by looking at our amazing model, Savannah!  Our office manager, Ann’s husband took us out on their boat so we could grab some of these rad shots on the water, & they are honestly now some of my favorites!  Gotta love reflectors all around, it provided for some of the prettiest light!

I hope you all have a safe & happy 4th of July!

A DC Ranch Engagement Session // Savanna Lee Imagery // Scottsdale, AZ Engagement Photography

These 2 have a big day coming up next month, so I thought it was time to share their fun engagement sesh!  I’m also dreaming about the days back when, like Anthony & Jenn, when we were able to wear long sleeve shirts & jeans!  Don’t get me wrong!  I love some sunshine & the warmth on your face as you step outside!  But 118º is not ok! Rant over & onto these two cuties 😉  If their big day is anything like their engagement shoot was, it will be a breeze!  They were absolute naturals in front of the camera, & seriously, anyone who is chill enough to let me put their ring on a cactus (just for the shot!) is amazing in my book!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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